Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Time

It is spring time! Warmer weather, blooming flowers, birds chirping what else could you ask for? I love warm weather. Not hot weather let me be clear on that. With warm weather you can open the windows, dig in the yard, wear cute skirts, take a trip to the beach and I could go on and on. But the possibilities are endless!

While I enjoy this time I also tend to freak out a little bit. Spring time means one thing in a crafter's mind.....Start or the Craft Show game. Uhg this will be my first year so I'm only doing one. And maybe I'll sell at the farmers market. Even though I'm only doing one I still am a little freaked out.

Will I have enough supply? Will anyone buy? Will I have a good setup...What am I gonna do about my set up anyway? Will my Etsy shop ever take off? Will my website ever get completed? Will I ever get caught up on my supply? Am I even going in the right direction?? And that's just to name a few question going through my mind all because its spring time.

Or maybe I'll just wear my pretty skirts and sit on my pretty porch and admire the pretty flowers blooming as the sun sets over the pretty trees.

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