Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diaper Swappers

I know what you’re thinking. Really Nicole? But BEFOR you judge let me explain.
So recently I ran across a website called Diaper Swappers. I was in search of cheap flat cloth diapers for a craft project. The site is dedicated to parents (mostly moms) who use cloth diapers.  They also have people selling baby/children stuff on their used and new. So this intrigued me. I wondered around for a while and found out that this sight was not just about cloth diapers and moms! It’s a social network for parents. There are stores, yard sales, chat rooms, tade's, forums on everything; even most the ad’s are not name brands but WAHM’s. (Work at home moms)

They use a lot of lingo on there and give a lot of advice about where to get everything from diapers to soda. Who’s having a sale and who is over pricing there soap.
In short I joined but can’t post my store until I reach 30 posts to the forum. Which shouldn’t be a problem since I know all the sales too ;)

If you get a chance check it out!

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