Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Basic's on Sewing.

You have to check out this awesome sewing room by Sewmanyways! Its not mine but a girl can dream :0)

A lot of people have been admiring my awesome sewing skills. This I find hard to believe because it seems like every time I turn around I have to take apart a seam or fix the thread. So I figured I would offer a few tips for this task that took me long hard road to learn.
First: DON’T RUSH. I know you just want to finish but you also want to make something nice.
Second: PRE-WASH. Yea most project this won’t matter but when making anything with cotton that you want to keep longer than a month, Just pre-wash it and save the fuss. I usually wash mine with my towels If  I don't have a lot of material.
Third: IRON. IRON. IRON. I hate hate hate ironing everything 50 times too. But trust me skipping this step will only make your life more difficult down the road.
Finally: READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. I can't count how many times I missed a simple step or tried to do something "different" and I ended up with a big mess.
If you can remember these three things I promise you can make anything. You may end up with a bunch of scraps from failed attempts like me but don’t worry they make great quilts down the road J

O and I did I mention to remember IRON EVERY STEP! This year alone I've had to buy two irons but there worth every penny on saving you time and major headaches.
You like my awsome sewing room? Ok It's not my sewing room but I sure wish it was I loooooove this room. I want to just run in and sew my little heart out...... but I may never leave... lol

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  1. Trying to post again from your SF Etsy team, didn't work first time, I don't think. Anyway, I do envy your sewing room! Two irons though, I don't even use my one (can you tell I like knits?)