Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty Toe’s

Lately I have fallen of the face of the earth to make some more shoes. But this time I am not just making baby shoes. I have moved on to toddler and children shoes. So much more thought goes into theses shoes. For instance the bottom, it has to be slip proof somewhat or does it? What about water proof? I’m not sure how to successful solve these problems so I have just started sewing in hopes the solutions would just come to mind.   Here is how we are looking so far:

Uhg I hate this step. I would knock a few dollars off my shoes price I could figure out how to not do this step…The rest of the shoes takes like 15-30min (depending on what else I’m doing!) but this step alone takes 30min! and that’s with no interruptions.

 I hope to be making womens shoes by next month and can not wait!


  1. that shoe is just TOO CUTE. i adore it :)

  2. SO cute!!! I love the red and polkadots. I can see my little niece in those. :)

    Bubby & Bean

  3. Thank You so much! They are fun and a little bit of a pain to make. Its a lobor of love really. :)

  4. Cute shoes! Did you work out your design features?

  5. @Emma I did. It took me a while lol I can make them under a hour now AND they look awesome :D

  6. So adorable. I just love little girly shoes!!