Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Thrify Light Box

My New Light Box! And it only cost me 89 Cents!
After looking for a Light Box in stores and seeing the prices I have decided to make my own. I dint have many cardboard boxes so I had to make do. First I cut the top off with the "help" of Sam. She has a bit of a box fetish. And a mommy fetish.

I knew this was going to be hard because I cut my self, a lot. When I sew, when I cut material, when I cook. I'm not good at not cutting. But with a little patience I was able to achieve this:

Now for the sides. I tired to move Sam, again with no luck. At least I got her out of the box long enough to cut it.....

Ta Da! My thrifty light box is done! I used a poster board on the back  in a C shape. I also put white paper on the sides under the sheet. I know what your thinking and no, no children helped me make it. Thats my awesome skills at work! Next to take some pictures!


  1. Great Job! I might try one myself.:)

  2. Nice job! I keep thinking I need to make one of these too...your way seems doable! - Barb

  3. very clever...and I love the curious kitty too!