Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Art of Being Cheap

Over the years I have learned that being cheap is often more fun than over spending. Now there is a happy medium you have to find. I’m cheap but my family never eats a frozen meal. We travel and hunt for deals but never stay in a slum. How so? With lots of research. For instance we recently traveled to Napa Valley and the hotels were outrageously priced! So I Goggled bed and breakfasts. Low and behold we got a wonderful bed and breakfast that was not only on Oprah but Trading Spaces! At only $100 a night. We had more than a wonderful time at the in house free wine tasting, breakfast was so delightful! And sweets were always out. YUMMY!
So I moved on to cupon-ing at fabric stores, shopping on certain days. Stocking up on the stuff that never goes on sale. All you who are on Etsy probably know what I'm talking about. Well this soon lead to clipping coupons for food. I usually save round $10-$20 a trip. And then I ran across this website: Mommy Saves Big. Good gravy I love this woman. She has put all the coupon sites in one place. I'm talking Joann's, Kroger, Manufacture, Target, Lowe's, and on and on.  My last trip to Kroger I saved $36 and spent $24. The cashier even re looked at the receipt. I do NOT over stock my pantry like those people on TLC I just shop smart. If you ever pay for cleaning products or paper products I recommend you go to Mommy Saves big and do a little research at your local grocer. I've never paid for a cleaning product or paper product.  

It took me a while to figure it out. Everyone just kept telling me to combine sales with coupons. I did this. And still didn't get anything free. I later learned its all about combining multiple coupons and store sales. Duh right? So if you want to save a few dollars or get some free stuff see the Mommy Saves Big website, also check all manufactures websites and add them on facebook and do this often. 
Here's a few fun facts about stores in my area:
Kroger(My fav): doubles the first $0.50 of the first coupon. But wont match if the coupon is for more then $.50 off :( but the do give $.10 off a gallon at the gas station for every $100 you spend. Pshh I do that often enough.
Bi-Lo: Doubles the first cupon (the produce sucks and the meat department is often a wreck so I never shop here, also Ive noticed that they up price befor a "sale" fishy yes??)
Publix: They have tons of manufature cupon machines around the store. WIN! even if you dont shop here and just take the cupons like some of us lol

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