Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listening?

There are 88 days until Christmas in case you’re wondering. That means that the Holiday Sales will begin in approximately 20 days. Leaving me around 40 days until I go crazy, with getting ready all the events of November and December. I haven’t started Christmas Shopping yet. I’m not that crazy. But I have wondered around on Amazon and narrowed down the list of how much I will spend on each person.

Then there is the second party of the Holiday season. Owning a shop on Etsy and having a website. I’ve already bought plenty of coffee in trying to get ready for this. I have also pretty much ignored fall in my shop to better prepare for Christmas, mostly because I’m excited to work with shiny stuff. You just can’t say enough about glitter. J

This year we I have been making more and more bows. And I love it! I love that I can use so many colors! I hope to also make some holiday themed shoes here soon for the little ones.  I want to make something cute for their feet so they can ride around the church in everyone’s arms in style.

What are you plans for this year’s Holiday season? Have you already begun your preparations?

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  1. If you're a bow maker then you love Christmas!

    Love your blog...can't figure out how to follow (another one of your bugs? Oh no!).