Thursday, June 30, 2011

Independence Day

As the tempters reach a astonishing 100-112’F here in Augusta Georgia I am glad that we will be heading to the beach in the morning. Charleston South Caroline is one of our favorite places to visit in the summer. We always buy the hotel the day before and get a steal at a top notch place, kind of makes us feel fancy to be in a hotel that normally goes for $300 a night and we get it for around $150. At least there you can go for a swim, wonder down to Wet Willies or indulge at Snobs. Snobs have a phenomenal Duck by the way.
We will be there for about 3 days then were heading back to hang out at a friend’s lake house and boat to watch the fireworks.
Nothing really says America like water and a grill. I guess except an American Flag.  What are you plans for the weekend? Are you planning a big party? Or just staying in the cool AC?


  1. We just arrived back from a two week road trip that peaked at Whistler B.C... and back down to Los Angeles again. Visually calming, all the coastline views. I felt like I was in a rolling movie, totally hypnotized by all the went by.


  2. We just stayed home this year and listened to the neighbors set off fireworks. Phew, 100 degress. It was that hot here a few weeks ago. Wicked!